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A New Class of Beta Glucans: BetaVia™

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Algae-sourced beta glucan superfoods

Superior Beta Glucans

A new patented beta glucan has hit the market! BetaVia™ is thoroughly researched and shown to support immune health. In vitro and animal studies show BetaVia™ can work in the body by priming key immune cells, promoting cell signaling and providing nutrition and antioxidant support.

Beta Glucan from Algae

Algae is a special source because it shares characteristics of both plants and animals, containing high nutritional value in the form of protein, vitamins, fatty acids and carotenoids. The process of producing algae is highly sustainable and efficient since algae can act as an autotroph (self-feeding) or heterotroph (feeding externally.) Kemin's patented Euglena gracilis is minimally processed with no harsh solvents.

BetaVia™ Complete

BetaVia™ Complete is a nutrient-rich, dried whole algae fermentate that provides nutritional support for a healthy immune system. This unique ingredients contains over 50% beta glucan and over 20% protein with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. BetaVia™ Complete is truly a superfood that will have your body begging for more!

BetaVia™ Pure

BetaVia™ Pure is  a  patented 95% 1,3 Beta Glucan from a proprietary strain of algae called Euglena gracilis. BetaVia™ Pure is the purest whole algae-sourced beta glucan on the market.

BetaVia™ Pure and BetaVia™ Complete can be found in our proprietary formula, Immune Nutrition™

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