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Step 1- Balance

In today’s modern world your immune system is facing an unprecedented number of toxins and immune-stimulating antigens. It’s likely that your immune system is overworked and like many other Americans it may be stuck on overdrive leading to inappropriate immune responses. IRPs (Immune-regulating polysaccharides) are your immune system’s preferred source of nutrition for optimal performance and balance. IRPs contain rare nutrients that attach themselves to immune cells enabling them to communicate more efficiently and perform at a higher level. The human body is designed to manufacture these rare nutrients to keep your immune system happy but in today’s stressful world the chances are that your body just isn’t able to keep up with the demand for these nutrients and supplementation becomes a necessity. When your body has an adequate supply of these essential nutrients your defense system can function optimally to keep you healthy and happy.  Immune Nutrition™ contains six proprietary IRPs to keep your immune system up to the challenge of 21st century living.


Step 2 - Protect

Even with a strong army, it’s best not to go to war if it can be avoided. Step two of the immune optimization protocol is using pharmaceutical-grade immunoglobulins to protect your immune system from microbes, toxins and LPS (lipopolysaccharides). These specialty immunoglobulins bind to immune enemies in the gut deactivating them before the immune system has a chance to mount an attack. Heavy metals, toxins, and byproducts of bacteria, parasites, and yeast can penetrate the gut lining and make their way to the bloodstream where the immune system is ready and waiting to protect and serve. Immunoglobulins bind these antigens in the gut preventing the bad buys from picking a fight with the immune system. Immunoglobulins are gut-barrier protectors and act as the first line of defense for your immune system. Ultra SBI™ is a revolutionary new solution for immune protection and optimization.

Protect- Ultra SBI™


Step 3 - Optimize

The immune system is a complex defense system designed to keep you alive and well. Your immune system doesn’t get any breaks and is fighting for you 24/7 to keep you healthy. For your immune system to perform its job properly and sustain a high level of efficacy it’s important to provide an optimal immune environment. We have combined a number of advanced phytonutrients to optimize function throughout the entire body to provide a healthy environment for your immune system to thrive. Flame-Crush™ contains five proprietary terrain-boosters to regulate inflammation and keep the immune environment comfortable. Many immune stressors that disrupt immune function are classified as “opportunistics” or things that need an opportunity to survive and thrive. By optimizing the terrain of the immune system, gut and rest of the body we are removing the opportunity for these bad guys to cause trouble. Removing the opportunity for infections, toxins, and other immune stressors is a crucial yet often overlooked step in immune optimization.

Immune Optimization Protocol

  • The Immune Optimization Protocol combines three revolutionary products to form a three-step approach to optimizing your immune system*.


    Step 1- Balance the immune system with immune-regulating polysaccharides


    Step 2- Protect the immune system with Immune-protecting immunoglobulins


    Step 3- Optimize the immune environment with terrain-boosting phytonutrients


    • 100% Natural
    • No Fillers, Binders, Dyes, or Additives
    • Branded Ingredients 
    • Allergen-Free
    • Made in the U.S.A. 
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