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ZeoBoost Zeolite Powder Reviews

ZeoBoost™ Reviews


The zeoboost is a truly amazing product. I’ve taken zeolite in the past (liquid) & I was underwhelmed. With yours I notice a HUGE effect. Clarity returning to my mind & I can feel the difference in my body. I’m so grateful I found this supplement line & for your continued support. I really appreciate you!!


My bowels have become a regular daily non-issue, after years of constipation. This started after I started taking Zeoboost daily. This is such a blessing and just one sign of the much better health I’m experiencing.


Amazing product, thank you so much for it, just after one day my hands in the morning used to be -tingling in the hands every morning since at least 10 years. Suddenly, I took my Zeoboost and it is completely gone. Even during a day while working tingling appears once in a while.... now it is like ~I never had.... I'll order your Zeoboost again in the short time for sure....


ZeoBoost has done wonders for me. I can barely function some days without it and if I just stop for a few days I go backwards. If I start again with just one drink it does wonders and I can actually function pretty well again. I’m not sure if I ever want to be without it again.


This product has been amazing. My eyesight is incredible and I've started dreaming again after 15 years or so, I'm not sure if it's related but it feels that way I've done nothing else different.


ZeoBoost is a game changer. After taking my first dose before bed I woke up feeling incredible the next day.


I started using your Zeoboost powder a month ago and it has completely changed my life. I had been struggling with my autoimmune disease and psoriasis for a while and had tried so many different things to help it and Zeoboost is the first thing I’ve found that has actually worked. I’m on my 5th jar now doing the 2 teaspoons in 16oz of water.


I’ve started your zeolite dosing protocol and it’s the first time in 20 years that I’ve been able to tolerate it! It’s amazing because I was so sick every time on small doses and I’m very unwell, have been for 20 years with severe MECFS/MCS, Fibro, etc. Never been able to tolerate detox until this. I am having some good and bad days with it but the positives are huge…


I tried two different brands of Zeolite to help with brain fog, chronic fatigue, and plantar warts that I literally have been trying to get rid of for years. I didn't really notice any significant changes with both brand's. The 2nd brand seemed to alleviate my fatigue, but nothing life changing. I was actually fortunate to try Zeoboost for 2 weeks before purchasing it (friend was moving had a box of unopened supplements she unloaded on me).

For me, the difference was night and day. 1st, all but one tiny plantar wart disappeared & after 4 weeks everything is gone!!!. I have so much energy and no brain fog. Zeoboost is legit. I've never tried a supplement that worked so fast. It's seriously worth every penny.


I am quite pleased with the zeoboost. For two family members, the effect was immediate. One experienced decrease joint stiffness and has maintained that and the other experienced increased energy and wakefuness and has maintained that. Besides that, I am very pleased with the customer service. Jeff has been amazing to work with. He listens and offers suggestions even if it doesn't benefit his company. A rare gem these days. I highly recommend Glycolife Sciences.


I am so Grateful for ZeoBoost, I have never done a Heavy Metal Detox protocol that helped my Gum issues before. I have yet to have the Mercury fillings removed from my mouth. I have suffered with Headaches, tingling, numbness and a host of heavy metal overload symptoms. After only 2 weeks thus far and I am energized, calm, no headaches and returning to normal. Thank you so much for ZeoBoost


Since taking ZeoBoost I’ve had increased energy, better recall, and mental clarity. I have also noticed a decrease/removal in heart palpitations which come when I stop the ZeoBoost. My joints don’t feel so heavy – they feel looser. I can move easier. All of this in my first two weeks of taking the product! I take 5 teaspoons 3x per day.


Our 8 month old son has had eczema for the past four or five months. We live a clean lifestyle and have tried our best to limit toxic exposure to our baby, before and after birth. My wife tried cutting out certain foods including dairy during breastfeeding in case that was an issue. Nothing we tried helped…until we got our hands on ZeoBoost. Five days after giving ZeoBoost daily to our son his eczema starting clearing up, 10 days later it was completely gone! I highly recommend this product!


I feel like I have overall better energy and mental clarity.


Life changing for histamines and mold. I trust the owner and the high quality of this product.


I've been taking this daily for about 2 weeks and I feel like a brand new person. I never knew how bad I felt before taking this product. I would recommend to anyone and do!


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