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Polysaccharide Supplements

Are polysaccharides the missing link to help you overcome your immune system challenges?

Polysaccharides Regulate The Immune System

Polysaccharide immunomodulators were first discovered over 40 years ago. Recent reports have revealed the mechanism of action and structure-function attributes of some of these molecules. Certain polysaccharide immunomodulators have been identified that have profound effects in the regulation of immune responses during the progression of infectious diseases, and studies have begun to define structural aspects of these molecules that govern their function and interaction with cells of the host immune system.

Polysaccharides are Adaptogens

Adaptogens have the intelligent abillity to “modulate” the systems of the body and desensitize all cells in the body to any source of stress. These superfoods enable the body to adapt to current needs and normalize function. If the immune system is overactive they will help suppress it, if it is underactive they will help stimulate it. 

Not All Polysaccharides Are Therapeutic

Why do polysaccharides found in superfoods exhibit immune regulating and adaptogenic properties while most polysaccharides found in our diets don't? It appears that the common denominator in therapeutic polysaccharides is that they contain a number of essential saccharides while non-therapetuic polysaccharides often contain just glucose.

Polysaccharides Found In Immune Nutrition Include:

  • Acemannan

  • Fucoidan

  • Maitake MD-Fraction

  • Beta Glucan 

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